Jurisdictions List
 South Carolina



South Carolina Appellate Court Rules


 Circuit Court
South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure (optional to use with SC:ADR)
South Carolina ADR Rules (must be used with SC:RCP)
South Carolina Circuit Court Rules Package




 District Court
U.S. District Court of South Carolina (must be used with FRCP)


U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals - Civil

All rules are for civil litigation only unless indicated otherwise.


 Bankruptcy Court
U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Chapter 7
U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Chapter 9
U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Chapter 11
U.S. Bankruptcy Court  - Chapter 13
U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Chapter 15
All South Carolina Bankruptcy Rules Package.

Local bankruptcy rules require relevant FRBP rule set - see under federal bankruptcy for pricing.




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